10 Juni 2008

1. Task European Championships

Today we flew a 100km task around 4 turnpoints, out to Zwickenberg, over to Windische Höhe, then Gerlamoos, Lindner Alm and to Goal in Bruggen - finally a larger field without powerlines or other hazards! Except for this little Piper or what the plane on the picture is. It crossed the goal line quite low while people were coming in...
It was a tough day because cloud base was low for big crossings, I nearly went down in Hermagor/Gailtal. Looks like Gerolf won the day, ahead of Martin Härri and Christian Voiblet. The Swiss seem to lead the comp in the team scores! Roland was the fastest of our team, but unfortunately he didnt get the last turnpoint scored! Andre was the second fastest, then Lukas and Hans, Gerald and me. Except, I was too slow to be in goal. The task was stopped after I was in, but the 30 minutes that they deduct circled me back to about 90 km. Reminded me of the Womens Worlds, haha! Furthest woman today anyway, followed by Natalia Petrova and Uschi Broich from Austria is on third, then Swiss Carole and Monique from our team.
The other picture is a tribute to my Swiss friends and to the Swiss team - it will be an interesting race against a strong Italian and French team over here, also the Austrians have a lot of top pilots here.

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