19 Juni 2008

154 km!

Finally another task! Today clouds were low, but everybody was positive to see the best day of the meet, so they set an interesting triangle down towards Matrei, over across Gailtal, towards Goldeck and back home. The usual places were a bit rough, Anna Schutzhaus and also into Gailtal was not easy. The big crossings cost us quite some height, because the base for the crossings was at about 2700 m with a cross head wind.
Alex Ploner was first in goal, the Italians had many pilots in with the first gaggle. I guess I was the first (and maybe only) woman - I havent seen Natalia around. About 35 made goal today. Will be interesting to see the results later. Andre Djamarani from our team was in 10th, the fastest German today, followed by Roland, Lukas, Hans, Gerald and me.

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