13 Juni 2008

Rainrainrain - snow!

Last night another front went through and left us with constant, merciless rain. Today there will be a pilots meeting to discuss Lukas´ and Gerolf´s proposal to try a height restricted startgate in order to avoid cloud flying. We expect low cloudbases for the next few days, so it might add to everybody´s safety if a sensible rule is agreed on today.
That hot stone massage really worked for my back, I slept like a baby and my muscles are all relaxed. I wish we always had the luxury of a physio or massage therapist at comps. The French know their secrets, they had a physio and doctor with them at big competitions for many years.
What to do on a rainy day? There are several hot springs in the vicinity, maybe we will go to Bad Kleinkirchheim later on and soak in hot water at the side of a mountain. And tonight Primoz might teach us a bit more about his healthy ayurvedic cooking – be sure it is superdelicious too!

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