12 Juni 2008

4th day: More rain!

Just what happened to the great weather from a few weeks ago? The weather changed completely, until Sunday about 3 more cold fronts are supposed to move through. Lucky I brought warm clothes!
Today was cancelled in the morning, because grey clouds covered the sky and rain showers moved through. At the moment we have steady rain. Time for a rest, for some work, and for a wonderful hot stone massage by our team assistant Conny!
On the photo you see Andre, the highest ranked German in the comp at the moment. He is new on the team and scored straight away! Good on him!
On the other picture, my friend Carole from the Swiss team, and Antoine from France. As if they already knew about the weather at the opening briefing...

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Anonym hat gesagt…

hey Corina, my brother Luis is in the picture too!