11 Juni 2008

3rd day: cancelled due to storms

It looked incredible this morning, blue skies, no wind, just pristine! We went up the Emberger Alm, set up, and then - the clouds started forming. Too early for us. Now, at 14.10, there is heavy thunder, lightening and a lot of rain at the camp. The task was cancelled before it started, the overdevelopment was too fast and obvious. Some people had a quick flight, I took pictures and decided to pack up, because the rain was moving in and I get nervous when I see cb´s (well, in a hangglider, not when Im in a jet ;)).
FAI-Steward Dennis Pagen lost his bet today that the weather would stay flyable at least until 2.30 pm - it started raining at about 1.15 pm... sometimes the weather moves in fast over here.
Tomorrow and the following days look pretty sad weatherwise, luckily there is a lot to do and we will enjoy the "holiday" here as well!
On the photos you see Lukas at take off and Gerolf doing some nice wing overs in front of the bis clouds.

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