07 Juni 2008

Greifenburg European Championships

Last night I arrived with my parents in Greifenburg to prepare for the European Championships. For the first time ever we are enough women to have an official title in women´s class as well!
With Monique and Christa we have two more strong women who know this area very well on our German team, the guys are Hans, Jörg, Andre Djamarani, Gerald Woll, Roland and Lukas. Unfortunately Oli pulled out, but he will be here at least a few days with Carol and Luca.
Together with Regina, I checked the weather - rain and storms, iffy conditions for this week. And then, of course, we checked the results of the East Coast Championships, where our team mate Jamie Shelden is in first place in the womens ranking at the moment! We are very happy for her and keep our fingers crossed! She enjoys her new Litesport very much, and fun is the most important thing, performance follows;) All the best to Jamie from Greifenburg! We cant wait to see you here on the 21st, our award night.
Today and tomorrow we can inscribe for the Euros, a few people are flying (sometimes through rain), tomorrow night is the big opening. I guess it will be small, because it is at the same time as the first game of the soccer Europeans in Austria - Austria plays against Croatia, and later Germany against Poland, just an hour drive from here in Klagenfurt... how can we compete?


Anonym hat gesagt…

How can you compete? Ihr seid viel attraktiver als die Fussballer... ;-)
Ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Kolleginnen alles Gute und schöne Flüge....
Bin morgen wieder unterwegs in Afrika. Bis bald...
Liebe Grüsse

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