08 Juni 2008

Team Timezone in the sun!

After everybody had arrived, we had our first team meeting yesterday. Regina handed out the Adidas team jackets – and I think Andre Djamarani looks best. I will take a photo for you tonight of our new team hunk – mind you, he doesnt just look very attractive, he was also the best placed German pilot here in Greifenburg at the Austrian Nationals.
I had a short test flight today. Oli had put new wires on my glider, and it flies straight and sweet, finding me the thermals. I didnt intend to thermal too much today though, because the rain was already on the way again, on both sides.
I landed in Thaler’s big field, much easier with changing wind directions. Only minutes after I landed, Jörg drove towards me and stopped. He had identified me from kilometers away by my Timezone wings and helped me to pack up the glider – big rain was on the way, and we just managed to put the glider into the den before it started pouring again.
At 5pm, we have a mandatory pilots briefing, and tonight at 8pm we will go to Berg to the opening ceremony. As you see on the photo with Jörg, it is quite dark in the background, we will need luck to stay dry tonight.

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