22 Juni 2008

The Awards - European Champions 2008

On the photo next to me you see Elio Cataldi from Italy, Michi Friesenbichler from Austria and Christa Aichner from Germany. We were honoured yesterday at the big award ceremony of the European Championships in hanggliding.
I had a flight in the morning to get some good film footage with Charlie and his professional cameras. Oli Barthelmes flew around and above me as close as I usually dont allow anybody ;) the air was clear and we had a beautiful light, so watch out for some nice videos out on my sponsors pages soon!
I got one of those nice trophy´s that Elio is holding as well. It weighs about 25 kg, so you can imagine how people were laughing when I tried to hold the trophy up high above my head...
Today it seems like a great day for flying, maybe even crossing the alps once more. I will see what the wind does, if it slows down a little bit, it might be possible.
Tomorrow I have to work and fly to Calgary for a day, I hope I can visit Vincene Müller and Bernie Winkelmann there.

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