30 Juli 2009

More comps at the same time

At the moment, there are several comps in Europe. Furthest north 19 pilots are competing in Altes Lager, 60 km south of Berlin, at the German Flatlands. They already flew 3 tasks in four days, Lukas Bader is leading, Yulia Kucherenko from Russia is 2nd !!! and her Russian friend Artur Dzamikov 3rd. I know quite a few good flatland pilots up there, so Yulia is doing a great job, good luck for the last task tomorrow! Tonight a cold front will hit and move through, but the sandy soil dries very quickly and Im positive they will fly agian tomorrow.
Then My friends Regina, Christa and Primoz are in Buzet, Croatia, where we flew the Europeans 3 years ago. They flew the 4th task today, until yesterday Czech Dan Vyhnalik was in 1st, Primoz in 2nd and Alan Sattler, another Slovenian Pilot, in 3rd. A small country with a lot of great pilots, thinking of the great success of the Slovenian team at the paragliding world championship in Valle, Mexico.
Top woman is Christa in 26th, followed by a new German comp lady, Nicola Demmeler, and Regina. All the best to you for the last day- they will have to leave the comp before the end, because in two days, Flavio will run the Monte Cucco trophy in Italy. Quite a lot of pilots will migrate from Croatia to Umbria.
Thanks to Ashanta Carnieletto for the photo of me at Ager take off!

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