15 Juli 2009

Ager Day 5: 126 km around 4 turnpoints

Today our whole Team Timezone made goal! Primoz came in 2nd just after Jonny Durand who probably won the day (results are not published yet), Jörg came in 5th, Tim and I nearly crossed the line together.
A great fun flight after a cloud covered morning. It had rained during the night, so cloudbase was below take off when we arrived, but got up to 3000m during the course of the day on our task around 4 turnpoints. We had quite a lot of tailwind on some legs, and a significant headwind on other legs, specially around the last turnpoint I was careful not to land, as Primoz reported over the radio that he had seen Swiss Nick land after taking the turnpoint too low. We went to the east, then north and very far to the west, so it was a new direction again. We have covered quite some ground on our 4 tasks! It was an epic flight with lots of 5m climbs and a lot of vultures again. They are great fun to fly with - if we have better climb, they come over to us and join our thermal ;)
Pedro said this week is very bad weather for this area, so I wonder how really good weather looks like? At home the rain hasnt stopped and Im happy to be here and have already flown 4 tasks in 5 days with 3 more to go. Just Saturday might be a bit iffy with a strong wind from the wrong direction forecasted. More rounds than in any other comp this year, we are looking at a great European Championship for next year!

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