11 Juli 2009

Day 1, Task 1: 65 km

Gone are the days of green (thanks to Christian Langbehn for this Greifenburg photo), here it is dry, the straw fields are harvested already (except for our goal field ;)), Camo said he feels really good to fly here, it is like home (Australia). All dry, red soil.
The weather forecast was poor, but the conditions improved and a short 65 km task took us around to the south into the hills and flat area, as cloudbase was rather low (when there were clouds, most of the time it was blue).
I took the first start and was quite slow, as I wanted to stay high and not get into trouble in those hills where it is difficult to predict the slope and wind direction. Eventually I got to goal, I think Kathleen won the day in the women´s race, Monique did well and was in shortly before me. Gerolf was first in of the guys, but he is not sure if he won the day, as we had 5 start gates... Primoz was in 5th, I will keep you posted about results tomorrow. I think about half the field (130 pilots) made goal today. Jörg, Stefan, Tim were already in goal when I got there, I think just Konrad Schwab had to land out of our German crowd here today.
Ignacio the weather man just told me it is going to be great weather tomorrow and there will be a long task. Today he was a little wrong, so I really hope he will be right for tomorrow!

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