10 Juli 2009

The day before the Pre-Euros start

Today we went to see the goal landing field, some bomb out fields, up to take off, and got prepared for the start. I felt like a rest after two weeks of hard work, so I decided not to fly and be rested tomorrow. Up on take off Ive met Aussie hero Jonny Durand, the vice World Champion from Laragne and a fellow team Red Bull mate. Also Blenky and Camo stayed here to make this crowd more international and less "only European".
Headquarter here is very spacious, and the internet connection works well. Most the pilots are at the local camp site, as there are very few hotels or appartements for rent in the area. The next big supermarket is a half hour drive away, so stock up before you get here next year!
The area looks dry, and a strong inversion only seems to break through in the late afternoon, around 4pm. Looks like rather late tasks even though our take off faces the southern side of the ridge. The wind usually picks up more in the valleys than on the mountain.
You see Hadewych´s take off today, and the main goal landing field under her outer right wingtip, just next to the big farmhouse (pork farm).

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