01 Juli 2009

Photos in Greifenburg

Despite marginal weather, I went to Greifenburg for a couple of days to take photos for a Lufthansa project with Christian Langbehn and Jochen Blum. Christian is a famous photographer from Hamburg who usually takes photos of the stars, the rich and famous, from Angela Merkel to Zinedine Zidane. Or Boris Becker´s wedding for example. I especially liked his paparazzo stories ;) And I adore Christian for being so down to earth, modest, patient and friendly. Project manager Jochen is just as easy to work with, so we had a lot of fun and created some amazing new photos. They will be available for magazines at Action Press.

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Lukas Juen hat gesagt…

Ich finde es sehr super, dass du soviel Werbung für unseren Sport machst. Mach weiter so!!!