07 Juli 2009

Philly on the 4th of July

When I went to work on Saturday, it was a nice surprise to meet Uli Strasser at the gate to our flight to Frankfurt. Uli won last years paragliding German XC Championships and is already in 2nd place again this year. He was on the way to help building a "government palace" in Tashkent, as he called it. Sounds like adventure tour to me.
I was on the way to Philadelphia for the first time, and only realized during briefing that we were going to THE spot for the celebrations of July 4th, with lots of independence history having taken place in Philadelphia. After the rain in Munich, it was good to see that thermals still exist in the world: The skies above Pennsylvania looked epic!
Some of our crew and me went along to the park promenade where probably a few houndred thousand people gathered to listen to a Sheryl Crow concert and watch the big fireworks later on. I was too tired to wait until 11pm and went home to be able to explore the city the next day.
I returned late yesterday and now Im preparing my gear to go to the pre-Europeans in Ager. Im really looking forward to some sun again, as it is still raining and pouring in Munich.
I hope to find a WLan spot somewhere in Ager and will report from the comp in Spain soon.

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Gordon Rigg hat gesagt…

Hey I've got a picture of Tyler stood next to that L-O-V-E sculpture when it was exibited here in the UK!