03 Juli 2009

New World Champion: Alex Ploner!

Looks like Alex Ploner from Italy is the new hang gliding World Champion! After six rounds in Laragne/France he overtook three times World Champion, the Austrian Manfred Ruhmer, on the last day. Congratulations to Alex, I´m very happy to see a friend win the big title. Alex belongs to our "Team Timezone" and we already planned a photo and film flying adventure for September in his home, the Dolomites! That is, if Alex hasn´t moved to Hollywood by then...
Also Chapeau to the Italian team for winning the Team World champion title! European Champion Elio Cataldi, Christian Ciech, Filippo Oppici and Davide Guiducci - well done! Can´t wait to fly with you guys in Ager at the Europeans.

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