04 August 2009

Monte Cucco Trophy

No task yet at the Monte Cucco Trophy, the pre pre worlds. First day was cancelled due to strong wind, yesterday a front rushed through, today it is still raining. Hopefully tomorrow they can fly a first task. The last day will be Saturday, so they have 4 possible tasks. From our German team, Regina, Christa, Nikola, Jörg and "German newcomer of the year" Gerd Dönhuber are in the comp - he finished 3rd in the French Nationals in St Hilaire! Also nearly the whole Italian nationalteam including world champion Alex Ploner are in Umbria. One of the top Aussie pilots, Curt Warren, joined the comp as well as Austrian nationalteammember Tom Weissenberger.
It will be a hot race between such historical sites as Assisi, Gubbio and Perugia. There is a take off at Monte Subasio right behind the amazing Basilica of St Francis of Assisi facing west, but even if it is not flyable, there is a lot to see. Most of the frescoes in the Assisi Basilica have been restored after the last big earthquake, grand masters like Giotto and Cimabue painted the ceilings and walls with incredible detail. I definitely want to come back, compete in the Monte Cucco pre worlds next year and do more sightseeing.
Good luck to all my friends at Monte Cucco, and I will keep the world posted about flying and results.
Thanks to Flavios Blog for the photos!
The other half of the pack is again at the place of the world championship in Laragne, flying the Dutch Nationals. Or not flying too much yet, also here the first four days had to be cancelled due to poor weather, storms and strong wind. Only my Ager neighbour Malcolm Brown apparently had quite a long flight in wave. Have a look at the blog of British pilot Rich Lovelace here

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