09 Juli 2009

Ager: Pre-European Championships

When we were on final into Barcelona airport today, it was pouring with rain. Walking out of the A321, the next crew was waiting for taking over the plane for the flight back, and I was very happy and surprised to see Walter Schurr as the captain! I told him I just arrived to fly the Pre-Europeans in Ager, and he just said, "what, you want to fly in this weather?!"
Well the thunder, lightening and rain wouldnt stop for the next 100km... Just at Lleida, about 50km from Ager, the skies opened up and the showed us the nice ridge that we will be heading to for take off. A lot of comp pilots are here and have registered already, tomorrow we will fly a test task, and on Saturday the actual comp starts. Flip is here as FAI official, and Claudia is taking an FAI training to become a jury member.
Great to see so many of my friends from all over the world here!
Thanks again to Christian Langbehn for the photo that I may publish on my blog!

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