14 Juli 2009

Ager Day 4: 70 km dogleg

Today we waited until noon to go up the mountain because it looked like overdevelopment. At 1.30 pm we finally started setting up, and a task around 4 turnpoints and 70 km/h was set. All a bit of a hassle to get ready with such short notice.
Even though the wind was a little off to the East, take off was ok. I took the first start at 15.15 but after the 2nd turnpoint waited a long time before jumping over the back of the ridge. With only 2000m of height, it just looked to overwhelming, the big gap behind us.
Eventually, I went over and along the course but wasted about 40 minutes up and down the take off ridge. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to see so many beautiful vultures in the air, getting really close to circle the best core of the thermal with me!
I was happy when I finally got to goal, the same field as two days ago. Lots of people there today, Tim or Jörg were the fastest Germans, but also Konrad Schwab and Stefan Boller got in. Monique landed about 3 km away from goal, but without the last turn. I think Kathleen was probably the fastest woman again, but there were also Natalia and Julia in goal today. Also British pilot Jenny Buck made goal, for the first time today! Good to see so many women there.
Gerolf was first in goal today, followed by Swiss Martin Harri, big cheer to them! Primoz and Jonny had a close finish today, but my father had radioed to Primoz about the height of the first guys at goal, and since Primoz knew at which height they had left the last turnpoint, he knew he would make it in and started speeding. He was about 7th today.
When we got back to HQ, we finally saw a few drops of rain and a bit of thunder. A very good and safe tasksetting for the day today, keeping us away from the storms.

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