20 Juli 2009

After a 65 km task on the final day, it was close to the very last second, because the top 4 guys were all within 20 points! Not many people there, and Jonny landing short.
Young Blay Olmos who had already won Forbes this year won the pre Europeans on his Litespeed, followed by Swiss Martin Harri and British Carl Wallbank, all on Moyes.
Also big congrats to the top woman in this comp. Kathleen Rigg finished 13th overall after six tasks, she was the 2nd best British pilot in the comp and showed that her great abilities dont just apply to Monte Cucco. She shares her Litespeed with husband Gordon who will now fly the British Open in Ager while Kathleen returns to son Tyler. Too bad that she can´t fly her own nationals, would have been interesting to see the results there.
I finished 2nd best of 11 women in the comp, Monique came 3rd. And after Tim and Joerg I also finished 3rd best German pilot. Still a lot to learn in that area, but a good start for next year.
By the way, thanks Gordon, Nigel and Miro for your wishes, just can´t publish them for insurance reasons!

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