29 August 2012

There can be rain in Kayseri!

 A cold front went through yesterday in the early evening, and at 6pm it really started raining hard, the temperatures dropped about 10 C immediately, this morning it is rather cold. And we see a lot of clouds, not very high, and a distinctive northerly wind. So we will finally start into the first task of the Europeans.
Yesterday a few guys from our team went to the Turkish Bath, the Hamam, and a larger group went sightseeing in Kayseri. Mosks, city wall, and of course, the big bazaar ;) spices and nuts and dried fruits. Quite often people see us and talk German to us, as they are on a holiday here and live in Germany, or used to live in Germany. Very friendly and helpful people, but still we are aware of quite a reputation of theft too - on the way to Kayseri somebody stole Fredy Bircher´s purse with 800€ in it...

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