24 August 2012

Arriving in Kayseri

 We had a very pleasant late 3 hour flight to Kayseri last night. All our luggage arrived (except for Konrad`s, he flew through Istanbul and his luggage is not here yet...), and it was 4 am by the time we were at the hostel.
It is a great place quite high above the city, we can see launch, and half the pilots and organization are here in the HG/PG club housing (Ive never seen any club house this size anywhere before, I have a cute room with ensuite toilet and shower), the Italian team is in a hotel downtown, the other pilots have free accomodation in another club house in the city. Everybody is really friendly and helpful, even if barely anybody speaks anything but Turkish, so communication is a little basic ;)
 We will go up and check out launch today. Regina reported that the landing field was very rough in the easterly breeze that they had yesterday, very lee side and turbulent. Today it turned to north, which seems the normal direction.
Late tonight, also Roland and Andre will arrive. Good to be here finally. Im going to chill today, after about two hours of sleep, I still feel a little too tired to fly in a new area, but tomorrow should be a perfect day to see this area from above.

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nostromer hat gesagt…

schaut tiefenentspannt aus, Christian. Viel Glück + Grüße vom Schliersee, Helmut

nostromer hat gesagt…

Sieht tiefenentspannt aus, Christian.
Grüße vom Schliersee + good luck, Helmut