23 August 2012

On the way to Kayseri/Turkey

Today I will start the journey to Anatolia to fly the European Championships in Hang Gliding. You will find more photos and reports on the DHV page. This is the official website.
It looks like quite a few pilots pulled out again. The only women are Francoise, Julia and me, so unfortunately we won´t have a new official women´s title. But at least I can score for our German National Team, which I already confirmed with FAI Jury President Flip Koetsier. Heather will be launch director, and Claudia is FAI steward, together with our team leader Regina we would aleady be six women who could fly...
It sounds like the first part of our team had a good trip to Turkey and enjoys Kayseri. I can´t wait to get there early tomorrow morning. We are missing quite a few good pilots, like the whole British team, Manfred, Gerolf and Tom from the Austrian team, Natalia from Russia, also we had a change on our team - Jörg had to pull out and instead Konrad Schwab is flying with us.
The race will be interesting with a very strong Italian, French and Slovenian team, but also the Spanish have some wild racers like Blay and Pedro in their team. Anyway, I will keep you updated on Blog, FB and if possible, twitter as well!

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