28 August 2012

Day 1: cancelled, very stong wind

 Today the forecast was for 15-25 kt wind from the SW, but we went up and set up anyway, as the wind was not too strong yet on launch. Our take off faces NW, and you can already see the cross wind on the photo. The meteorologist predicted the wind to increase around 3pm all the way to the ground level, which means really bad turbulences - our team assistant Uli already found out about that last night when he landed with his paraglider... Roland found a nice convergence in the air, but on the ground it was marginal in the evening.
Antoine Boisselier, Christian Ciech and me are in the safety committee and we all voted for cancelling the day. This is not exactly flatlands, you always fly over hills and canyons, also there is quite a high ridge with a vulcano to our south, it would be a bit like Föhn turbulence in Bavaria. The predictions for the rest of the week are much better, N wind and less strength.
The guys will go to a Turkish Bath, a Hamam, this afternoon, while Regina, Tobi and I will take a walk through the old city of Kayseri.
I found these cute little girls up on launch and I am trying to convince Antoine and his wife Melanie to leave Louise or Inez with me ;)

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