25 August 2012

First flight in Turkey

 The day started slowly with registration. After all the details were done, all papers signed, all turnpoints downloaded, we finally went up the mountain. Luckily the day started really late too, so nobody was in a real hurry. It was very stable again and blue.
I took off at about 3.30 pm and got up to 2500m when we Gerd and Primoz started to glide out towards a turnpoint that we had set, 50km away. First it looked ok, we got another lift up to just above 2000m, but on the high plains we barely ever had more than 400m above the ground. The wind picked up to 25 km/h from NW, lift was slow, small and broken, so we landed after barely 25km. At least it was a nice big field. Some guys landed next to HQ today and overshot the field by quite a bit...
Tomorrow morning: Sprog measuring, then hopefully another flight, and in the evening the opening ceremony!
You can see my flight today here. More photos and my report in German on the DHV page.

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Jochen Zeischka hat gesagt…

Genau so waren die ersten Flüge auch für uns, letztes Jahr. Stabiles Wetter und tiefe Basis. Aber es kann dort auch ganz anders zugehen!