24 August 2012

Getting organized in Kayseri

 After a day of settling in, preparing, unpacking, getting organized, we also went shopping for some fresh fruit and veggies in the evening to prepare dinner for the team. It was amazing how often people stopped and asked us in German if we are from Germany, offering their help to translate, to find things, very friendly, interested and helpful. Even though (or maybe because?) Kayseri is not exactly a tourist destination.
When our team assistant Uli and I started cooking, immediately Ibu helped us chopping onions, peppers and whatever else was there. He is the house keeper of the club house and only speaks Turkish, and as our Turkish is quite limited, we talked with gestures, but understood each other. No problem to prepare a meal for 8 when you have two eager assistants ;) now our batteries are recharged for a nice smooth flight tomorrow.
Big posters are set up all over the city, the effort that our hosts put into the organization is huge! Tomorrow registration starts, on Sunday we celebrate the opening ceremony.

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