22 August 2012

Nagoya, Japan, Timezone GMT +9

The weather in Munich right now is mild compared to what it was in Nagoya last weekend. 38C and very humid. Perfect weather to go for a walk at 3am and enjoy the quite clean air - Nagoya has a lot of parks and trees! Still it felt like in the movie "Lost in Translation"... the sleepless crew and other jet lagged foreigners met in the middle of the night in the gym or walking through the hotel.
In the shops, I found the first "small" can of Red Bull - in the US, the can had to be XL, in Japan it has to be "cute" ;) I like it.
Last preparations for the trip to the European Hang Gliding Championship today, tomorrow I will fly to Kayseri with my team mates Gerd Dönhuber and Christian Zehetmaier.

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