04 August 2012


Last week I helped at the Challenge in Greifenburg. 44 hang glider pilots who were interested in XC flying came to fly together and to learn more about meteorology, flying techniques and the secrets of flying safe and far from Emberger Alm.
Andi Becker hosted the de-briefings in the evenings, Alex Ploner and I talked about how to master landings in unknown areas, Peter Cröninger lectured about take off and landing perfection. Regina, Matthias and Andi did a great job again to get more pilots competent and interested in competitions and XC flying. You can read more on the DHV site (German).

At the same time, Jonny Durand flew a world record in Zapata - congratulations! Flight to a declared goal 561 km - have a look at Tim´s blog.
Also congrats to Kraig Coomber who won the Big Spring US Nationals (results here) on his new Moyes RX 3,5.
In the Altay, Anton Struganov won the Russian Nationals on his brand new Moyes RX 4 - have a look at the beautiful photos on Zhenya´s blog!
At Monte Cucco, Alex Ploner won the competition after 5 rounds. Looks like the weather in Europe slowly gets back to how it should be like!
I need to work work work to make enough time for the European Championships in Turkey. There are lots of thunderstorms around these days in Bavaria, so at least I don´t miss out on too many epic flights. At the challenge, I was rewarded for all the voluntary work with one epic flight of 200km. It wasn´t exactly easy, the conditions this year are already like late summer, very stable until early afternoon. But I haven´t seen that high cloud base in a while, it felt great to be so high above the Austrian and Italian Alps!
Even if Im not around in Germany, you can still take test flights on the great little Moyes RX 3 - just contact Wolfi at Skyline!

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