30 August 2012

Blue sky

A very difficult day with 90km around 3 tp today. Nobody made goal, and barely anybody made the 70km nominal distance. No clouds, but wind again. I had to go 3rd off today and was lucky - I got up above launch and glided away with Suan. We flew until we reached the start circle, then he left me on my own. I was trying to make as much height as possible, which was about 500m above the deck. For a while, I saw Laurent with me, but then I had to try on my own. Only 23km today, at least I landed in a safe place where about 10 noisy little boys were yelling at me, asking for chocolates and cigarettes (???? - Matjaz reported that the kids were indeed smoking where he landed and showed me the photo!) Right, the fairy from the air with chocolates and cigarettes loaded in her harness? I don´t think so...
Luckily Tobi and Uli got to me fast and got me out of the noise. I managed to get all my gear home (I think) without anything broken or ripped off. The kids don´t ask, they just touch everything, a little difficult if you are on your own.
Roland flew furthest of our team today, he was about 20km short of goal, followed by Gerd just before the last turnpoint and Christian and Andre before the 2nd turnpoint. Pedro Garcia from Spain might have won the day with being only 3km short of goal. Many people already bombed out at launch, it was difficult conditions. Primoz landed close to Christian and Andre, I don´t know where Alex and the other Italians got to.
Similar conditions are predicted for tomorrow. I just hope I stayed in the top 25 because I really like that setup place ;)
Alex is leading now, followed by Primoz and Christian Zehetmaier in 3rd, also Roland and Gerd are top 10 now! Results here.

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