23 Januar 2012

Stanwell is on!

Stanwell was on and I went flying with Kathryn yesterday, swapping our RX3´s. My last flight for a while, because i go back to work and winter, so I made sure I had a bit of time in the air. It was blowing in quite strong, I measured up to a 38 km/h wind. Seeing how easy Kathryn took off made me confident too. She is quite experienced in the dune flying which helps a lot in strong wind conditions. But also our small, light glider and the easy ground handling of the new a-frame helped me a lot to feel safe on take off. In the air, apart from a whole lot of tandem gliders, there were maybe 4 or 5 other people flying.
I avoided some big rain showers and went up to Bulli to wait there in the sun until the showers had passed. It was a lot of fun to race up and down the ridges, it reminded me of my record tandem flight with Tomas Suchanek some years ago! So easy to fly fast and straight in those great little gliders, I can´t wait to bring the RX 3 over to test it in the Alpine conditions.
It was funny - when we landed, I thought Kathryns glider is better because it had less bar pressure with VG full on and was really easy to fly fast and be in control of the glider, even in strong wind conditions with our little weight. Kathryn thought my glider is nicer, because the handling in slow flight is easier and even faster to roll. Anyway, a great flight with friends, followed by a great Sunday night dinner at Molly´s place with the whole big Moyes family!

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