11 Januar 2012

Forbes Day 6: Restday, too windy

Today it is howling, gusts of 40 km/h and more on the ground, and in the air a dragonfly could barely move forwards this morning. Attila set a joke task to Manilla (380 km) and then cancelled the day for safety reasons. Nice cloud streets though!
I won a voucher for a massage today which I will use this afternoon. It is great to win a prize if you won a day!
Meanwhile the women of the comp met and discussed possibilities for the next women´s world title. Even though Im normally against mixing the men´s with the women´s worlds, this will be our only chance next year to have a title before 2014, since there were no bids for the women´s worlds. So it looks like we will have a team of 6 plus 2 additional women for Forbes next year. 17 flying women were attending this meeting, and all of them are very enthusiastic about flying their own competition, discussing a world cup as an example. But spending 4 weeks out here in Forbes does not sound very appealing to me ;)
For any possible organizers though, yes, there are plenty of women who are interested to fly a world cup if the costs are affordable - for example somewhere in Europe (most competitors could come with their cars and help out the other women from overseas).
The "Women with Wings" flyin in Bright was a great success too, and I certainly support any encouragement to get more women into our beautiful sport. Hopefully I can attend that meeting next time!
And now I will write a report about the new little glider Im flying in this comp. Also some more pictures of our wonderful goal yesterday!

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