14 Januar 2012

Forbes Day 7: 185km around 2 Tp

High clouds were moving in and shading our area off again, in connection with a headwind it took us forever to get to the first turnpoint at Skulls. The run to Yeoval was faster, as we saw more sun, but again in the Yeoval valley it completely shaded and turned off the day. A lot of people landed just between Yeoval and the goal at Cumnock. I was about 10 km short, both my team mates were in the same area, we just had to pick up Kathryn. Stopping in Parkes for dinner, we got back after 11pm again, a long day with more than 5 hours of flying, so my report is a bit shorter today.
Last day today looks very promising, less wind and I hope just for once we get a closed task, coming back to Forbes!

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