03 Januar 2012

100 km out and return

Another hot day at Forbes. The launch cue was long and I waited more than one hour to get into the air. Then I was pleased to find my friends Tascha and Conrad in my vicinity. We climbed out together and started going cross country. It had been my dream for a long time to fly with my best friend Tish from New Zealand. She had stopped flying for a while after she had a child, but she certainly didnt forget how it works!
We were spreading out to find the next lift, working really well together. After about 50 km past a big lake, we turned around and headed back, as it was getting late. I made it back to the Forbes airfield and landed after nearly 5 hours in the air at around 8 at night.
Roland and Oli helped me pack up my glider and the German car took me over to Forbes and dropped me off at the place where Im staying.
At the moment we are all registering for the pre worlds. It is all very well organized, just for the gps download we have to wait a little.
It is really amazing to find this place so green. Yesterday we saw a lot of wet fields glistening in the sun, which is unusual for the area at

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Fantastic report...Thank for sharing!