04 Januar 2012

Practice Day Forbes

Today we had the initial briefing for the pre world championships in the Forbes recreation center before going out to the tow paddock. Forecast was for some showers and od later in the day, but it stayed dry, yet we saw more clouds than the days before. The training task was set around 3 turnpoints to the east and northeast, but not everybody got into the air before the wind picked up and clouds started looking like mammatus.
I already had decided not to fly but to film and take some photos instead, getting home early, having a healthy dinner at home and having a good rest for the next 12 days of flying long distances and having late retrieves.
On the picture you see Grace and Matt managing one of the tow lines and the scorer, Wes Hill.

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Matthias Jentsch hat gesagt…

Hallo Corinna, danke für deine Reports. Das verkürzt hier in D die Zeit im Sturm bis es wieder fliegen geht.

Viele Grüße