05 Januar 2012

Forbes Day 1: 132km around 2 TP

It got a bit hectic for me on launch as I was 3rd off in the launch order today. I like to go early, but we were not allowed to set up the gliders before the launch number lines were fixed, so it wasnt exactly relaxed. Well better than waiting around in the 38 Celsius hot field I guess.
The task took us south to Piney, then up to Eugowra and down to Gooloogong goal, 132km. It was a tough cross wind of 25km/h that I tried to fight, and after only 30 km I had to land, like many other pilots too. The first leg was the hardest one, as the second one would have been with a nice tailwind. At 5.50, the task was cancelled due to storm development on course. Italian Eduardo won the day, with Curt in 2nd and Jonny in 3rd. Carole was the top woman ranked 46th, I ended up 48th out of 95 competitors today. Lukas was the top ranking German pilot in 7th place today. But the winner only scored a bit more than 600 points, because many pilots landed before the 1st turnpoint already, so everything is open.
Tomorrow looks like a better day with less wind and hopefully no storms in our way. Results here.

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