08 Januar 2012

Forbes Day 3: 185km around 2 TP, goal Bookah

Stong northerly winds up to 30 km/h made us fly to the south nearly to Canberra. Attila set the task and seemed to be happy with it, as he won the day. Jonny got back in time from hospital after an oxygen and fluid treatment and came 2nd of the day.
But my real hero of yesterdays flight is Christa. She took the last start clock at 3pm and zoomed into goal with the 3rd best time of all participating German pilots, beating Jörg, Roland, Konrad and me into goal. Well done, great flight Christa!
It helped to stay with gaggles yesterday as all the other days, but for some reason I ended up on my own, very rarely seeing anybody on course. I met Jörg for about 20 km, and that was it. It was fun to just fly a lonely cross country, but of course it is much faster to stay with several people to find the next lift faster. Guess I will try that tomorrow, as today it looks like a rest day. Grey sky and the prediction for rain and storms.

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