09 Januar 2012

Day 5: 144km to Wellington (Oz)

On the rest day, I prepared some porcini risotto and had a lot of friends around - Tish, Cris, Conrad, Tali, Marty, Oli, Jörg, Trent and Andrew! It was a fun evening, and I woke up very rested the next day.
It was a 144km task with 1 TP in really strong wind which made the towing quite unpleasant. Gusts and dust devils ripped through the tow field. I was happy to have had a great pilot - Blano dropped me right into a good thermal so I could go up straight away.
I flew a lot with Jörg, and it was fun to team work with him. Just after the range I must have taken a wrong turn off and found myself on the ground too soon close to Yeoval. Many people made goal, Wolfi Siess won the day, and Francoise came in 5th, Christa in 11th! Christa was fastest German pilot yesterday, well done, great work!!! Overall, Rohan is still ahead of Lukas. Francoise is 100 points ahead of me know, Christa moved up to 3rd in the women´s ranking.
Today is looks slightly less windy, but we might have a similar task like yesterday, as it is still too much wind to punch the headwind.

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