22 Mai 2009

Late at Hessische in Greifenburg

I arrived a few days late at Hessische in my all time favourite Greifenburg, but I was rewarded with a fantastic flying day! It must have been around 160km out into Italy towards Pfalzen and back, and it was great after a week of having been grounded to be back in the air with all my friends. Oli Barthelmes is here with a group of xc students, my hero Walter Schurr, a Lufthansa captain, is leading the comp in flex class at the moment, it is a great atmosphere!
I put some photos and a report in German on the DHV website
Maybe you feel like joining in this comp next year? The organizers really take good care about everybody´s safety, fun and learning to fly cross country in competitions safely are the main aspects.

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Matjaz Klemencic hat gesagt…

Welcome back :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

You're so dam right - WALTER is a real hero!