10 Mai 2009

German Open finishes

So today they measured my glider again, „because it was a hard landing yesterday“ (I was asked by one official to go and have it measured again). The inside sprogs were 4 mm off and pitch police made me set the sprogs up another full turn. The seals from the first day of measuring were still on, so I definitely didnt touch anything. I nosed in yesterday, but no upright was bent, no part of the glider or me harmed, not even a bruise – does a nose in change the sprog settings so much?
When my tracklog was downloaded yesterday, I said that they could watch how slow I was and they could see that my bar pressure is way too high for me to keep up, as I cant fly with VG full on like it is measured by the pitch police. Charlie Joest, DHV president and one of the main persons who pushes the measurement process,turned around and just said to me „Maybe it is time to change the glider“ – I was speachless!!! I had just come into goal on a really difficult day with only 3 people in goal, I had my best German Open result ever, and that is the advice of the head of my own hanggliding association. Shocking.
And today I was taught by Andreas and Hannes (the guys who take the pitch measures) that the seals are meaningless – if the settings were measured correctly and the sprogs sealed, then in a next measurement the numbers changed and are below the allowance, even if the seals are still on and prove that I didnt change anyting (which I thought was the sense of all this measuring and sealing process), they would still deduct points or disqualify or whatever is the punishment. So for Laragne, there won´t be seals, as this concept doesn´t seem to be working.
I will keep you up to date – maybe the measures change miraculously again, by whatever factor that is not in (or through) my hands, maybe I will be fun flying around here soon.
Moyes and Gerolf created my small glider that has a great handling, performance and safety. Many different Litespeeds have taken me safely and successfully through about 200 hours of airtime every year. With this glider, my results improved a lot over the past few years, I even qualified for the open German national team as I am ranked 3rd or 4th in our national ladder. Now there are people who just know without testing what is safe and what isn´t, regardless my personal experiences and needs as a very light pilot. How safe is it if my glider pitches up extremely when entering a strong thermal now? How safe is it to fly a long time with a lot of bar pressure and getting tired?

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