11 Mai 2009

Women´s Pre Worlds day 1

First day of the women´s, swift and rigid wing pre worlds. The rigids started first, and also a few of the women took off, but after about 15 minutes in the air were rained on, with a dark sqall of clouds moving towards us. We radioed that to the officials and the task was cancelled. In time to land and pack before the strong rain and a storm arrived at Tegelberg.
An early day, so I can give you an update on yesterdays post that apparently started some discussions.
The measurements of my glider were taken by a thin rope and ruler, because other data (degrees) does not exist in the papers. My glider was found ok one day before the German Open (the inside sprogs just inside the limit with 40 mm and 37 mm, the outside ones higher above). Both sprogs on the right hand side were sealed with a sticker.
My glider was measured again, but in degrees when I set it up for a TV team to show the measuring process – now Andreas measured with a gauge in degrees, so he has the numbers to compare to the mm version.
I got to goal late on the last day of the German open and whacked in, so when I asked them if they want to measure my glider, they said not now. But the next day, before the pre worlds start.
Now they measured 44 mm on the left inside sprog, the others were still in the limit. I set the inside sprogs up quarter of a turn, and Andreas looked at me in a strange way, because now he even measured less! I put them up another three holes (and yes, always in the same direction), which is a full turn, before Andreas and Hannes were happy with the result.
Today I talked to Klaus Tänzler about the problem, but also about the difficulty that we can´t testfly the glider after this change and before the comp and might risk a turn this way. In „real life“ when we tune our gliders, we have a testflight after every adjustment and definitely before a comp task.
I never fly my glider with full VG (they put it superextremely tight at the measurements), as I can´t steer it then, that is why Gerolf had adjusted my settings to 3/4 VG. But I do fly my glider a lot, and in very different, also turbulent conditions. And yes, I experienced weightlessness, my feet against the keel, dives down more than once - hey many of you know Drautal on Northwind days. So far, with the settings of my VG and sprogs as Gerolf set them, the glider always recovered, and that pretty fast. So far I can only "prove" my several Litespeeds safety by about 1600 hours of airtime altogether. To get real numbers, Klaus Tänzler agreed to put my glider on the DHV test truck with my settings of pitch at 3/4 VG and put in a limit so I definitely can´t pull more – my glider was never checked for pitch safety at my settings so far, as apparently there is no data yet, so for me and probably for many light competition pilots this would be a great way to keep handling, performance and safety. I will need Gerolfs help to find these perfect settings again, as I was stopped to fly with them two years ago at the German Open in Ruhpolding.
Hopefully my case can help to sort problems out before Laragne starts. I have no idea why 4 mm need an adjustment of a full turn, but I did not get the measured numbers in the end when it was agreed to let me start with the settings.
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Davis Straub hat gesagt…

The issue here is what is the explanation from the DHV for the change from before whack to after whack in the sprog measurement. Unless this is known there is no reason to believe in the validity of the measurements at all.

I assume it is because the sail shifted, but with a proper measurement the sail should have no affect on the sprog measurement. Only the cable should determine the sprog angle.