16 Mai 2009

German Open Day 6 - we finally give up.

The cold front was held back by the strong southerly yesterday that unfortunately made it impossible to take off for us (so did the low clouds that surrounded take off most of the day). Later the Föhn stopped and it started to rain and didnt stop until 11 the next morning, with very low cloudbase around the Allgäu area. At 10.30 the meet was cancelled at at last briefing where a few presents were given to the pilots who had come from furthest away - the two Japanese rigid wing pilots, Claudia from Colombia and Julia and Natalia from Russia.
I went back home and at the moment Im preparing for my first flight this week, probably from the fantastic Hochfelln tomorrow, as it looks like a southeasterly wind direction.
Sad that we did not manage a single flight at Tegelberg, but we were able to see and discuss quite a lot of aspects that can be improved for next year.

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Evgeniya hat gesagt…

Corinna, what do you think about the next year, World Championship in Tegelberg in the May?

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