14 Mai 2009

Women´s Pre Worlds Day 3 - rain, storms, hail

Quite a few people left yesterday when the day was cancelled for more bad weather. Instead I went to check out the thermal bath in Schwangau - it was great to float on salty, saturated water and look at take off and the two castles at the same time!
In the evening, nearly the whole competition met at the little Asian shop "Wok-In" in Füssen where we had great Thai curries for very reasonable prices. While we were waiting for the others, it started hailing outside like crazy - I thought Rebi won´t make it... she and her father arrived soaking wet a few minutes after the hail had stopped and turned into pouring rain.
Today we are sent up to the mountain, we have a bit of sun at the moment. The southerly is quite significant, that is why it blows away the clouds from us. We call it "Föhn" in the alpine area. There is still a lot of moisture in the air, with low clouds forming. So it will be a day to watch wind speed, direction and turbulence to make sure it is safe to fly, if we fly.
Good to get up and going again, as it was obvious that various DHV people tried to put quite a lot of pressure on me for my report on the measuring process.

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