05 Mai 2009

Tegelberg German Open

Today the pitch police measured and sealed most of the gliders who are going to compete in the German Open, starting tomorrow. My Litespeed 3,5s had the same settings as requested and measured by Christof Kratzner during the German Open and was approved straight away. There are lots of international pilots here, the French national team, I saw Kathleen Rigg and the Russians, quite a lot of Austrians are participating, it will be a colourful crowd of about 67 pilots.
Tomorrow the weather looks iffy, probably rain and strong westerly wind, but from Thursday to Sunday we might get some good tasks. On the photo you see the "good souls", the girls who organize everything behind the scenes, at registration.
Im staying right below the famous castle Neuschwanstein and I can see it when I look out of my window. Time to watch "chittychitty bangbang" again ;)

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