14 Mai 2009

Day 4 no news - rain, hail and thunder

We set up gliders at take off as there was the chance of a flight today. The task should be small (46km), as there were lots of clouds and not much sun. Women should take off before rigid class today. As a dark, long cloud moved closer that looked at least like rain, if not more to me, just before they wanted to start the task, I asked them to postpone it until that dark cloud has moved past us. As Rosi and Kathleen are in the task committee as well (the officials said that it is our decision to fly now or later), Rosi also said she wanted to wait (which meant letting rigid class go first), and Kathleen didnt mind either way.
When they wanted to send the rigid guys out, they didnt look too happy at the dark stuff moving towards us. 10 minutes after our "waiting decision" it started raining, 20 minutes after the decision, we heard loud thunder and got hailed on for quite some time. Even though the hail stones were about 10mm in diameter, they did not hurt our sails (or us hiding under the sails). It poured down for a while and then the task was cancelled. We tried to dry our sails and packed up again, leaving the gliders on the mountain.
The forecast for tomorrow looks like a better chance to get a flight in.

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