07 Mai 2009

German Open Task 1

We had to stop Rudl today from setting a 200 km task. The weather forcast was good, but a 30 km/h west wind makes a big, closed task much harder. Bob Baier is the local hero here, and he managed to cut Rudls proposition down to 126 km. Only five guys made goal, so it was definitely not too easy. I nearly bombed out and grovelled my way out of way low. Also Manfred Ruhmer had a tough time, it took him an hour to get above launch again.
The first crossing was difficult, and we were careful heading to the first turnpoint towards the west at Sonthofen. Nice climb up to 3000 m on the way back, but quite rough air at times.
Then we had to fly northeast out into the flatlands, quite low. That´s where I lost Bob – I was so proud that I managed to fly with him for about 70 km, he is such a gentleman, and his calm flying style is adorable.
Anyway, I got low and had to slow down, flying out into the flatlands against a strong headwind towards the 3rd turnpoint. All hills below and around me, very difficult to tell the sloping sides, so once I saw a safe field, I decided to not take a risk at the last 3 km to the 3rd turnpoint and had quite an enjoyable, safe landing. Packing up, I was watching three more gliders just going for it as far as possible, getting thrashed from the lee turbulences ahead. I hope everybody is ok!
Five guys made it in, Alex won the day, Robert Reisinger got in and three Germans, also Bob made it. Wish I had managed to stay with him ;)
Tomorrow looks iffy because the wind will pick up and some rain and storms are in the forecast. We will see.

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