12 Oktober 2007

Storms and Rainbows

What a day of drama yesterday! I thought it was too windy to fly (and I didnt have my glider anyway), but when we got to take off, quite a few people had launched. We saw the fire brigade and were shocked when we heard that one pilot had had an accident on take off and had died. Shortly after, a helicopter landed, but not for rescue - australian television had sent their reporters! Six camera crews started filming, we were appaled, most pilots packed in horror and raced away. They aired the tragic news before people were able to contact the pilots relatives! What a cruel world this is, it made me sad and angry.
Later in the afternoon we had big storms moving through Canungra, followed by extraordinary rainbows. On the photo you see the main road of Canungra, and my main provider of internet.
Today it looks quite windy, and I wouldnt mind a quiet day to have more time to get ready and to find my lost suitcase. Jonnys sister Jemma gave me a lot of clothes to wear, even some Timezone pants, so I might be ok for today.

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