15 Oktober 2007


Yesterday we went up to Beechmont launch and- found a tailwind for quite some time. The clouds looked great, so we waited until the wind blew into our face. And it really started!
The task was about 80 km around one turnpoint. A scenic flight with the goal at lake Moogera. I had a good run and was flying a lot with Steve Moyes. In the end, it was Jonny, Steve and me in the last thermal 12 kms out. We started gliding towards the lake, and the guys did a much better job than me. I fell behind and could see that it would be very difficult to clear the last hill before goal, especially that powerline on top of it. So I decided to turn around and land instead of scearing myself. I landed in a great field 5 km from goal and had a chat with a friendly farmer who came to see if I was alright.
Jonny and Steve were the top two of the day, there were another 5 in goal. My drivers came just before it got really dark, and we had a fast trip home. Then Gemma waited with a great surprise- she had picked up my lost suitcase in Coolangatta!!! So today I can finally wear my own clothes again. Thanks to all the people who helped me out with bits and pieces!

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