21 Oktober 2007

Canungra Classic Awards

Unfortunately I cant upload photos at the moment, but I will try later. The awards were great, Jonny won 1000 $ for first place, Attila came 2nd and Steve Moyes 3rd. I ended up 8th and was pleased that I could gain another 2 places with the last flight. And very pleased that I could take another great Durand mug home ;)
At the moment Im waiting at the airport in Sydney for Steve to arrive, Kim will pick us up and tonight I may participate in the famous Moyes Sunday Dinner at Molly´s and Bill´s place in Bronte. Oli and Carol will be there as well, since Oli will soon pick up his new glider at the factory.


Rebi hat gesagt…

Hi! In München schneits grade! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 8ten PLatz.

Kylie hat gesagt…

Hey Corinna! Well done little one. Love to read your blogs in English and see your photos. Love Kylie