20 Oktober 2007

Day 6 and 7 - long flights!

Day 6

Beautiful clouds greeted us up at Beechmont takeoff this morning, promising a good task. 140 km crossing the Great Deviding Range with Killarney as the first turnpoint, then up to Warwick Airfield. When it was my turn to get into the air, the valley was in shade and it was difficult to get up. We managed to climb out, but I thought Im not high enough to cross the hills behind takeoff, so I went back. Big mistake- I did not only loose height, but also the lead gaggle with all the guns in it. All the way I was struggling, I only got to cloud base once on the way and had my harness open several times cause I thought I have to land. In the end, I made it into goal very late in the day, after a difficult fly. Four out of my team made goal, only one didnt get there!
Jonny was sick since the morning, so he „only“ came in fourth. He is still in the lead and has a few points on Steve Moyes, but quite a lot on Dave Seib on third place. Attila moved up to 4th yesterday.

Day 7

Today we found some really rough air in front of Beechmont take off and on course. The task was 98km out to Palencreek, over to Croftby and goal was Coulson. Jonny´s father tucked and he was lucky that the glider quitckly recovered. He said first he wanted to land, then he decided to go on anyway,and he made it into goal! There were about 15 in goal today, the last 25 km were really difficult, heading against a 25km/h headwind, because the sea breeze had kicked in.
Even though Jonny looked still sick, he made it in and should have won this meet for the 7th time now! And I hope that I still stay in the top 10 because then I will get another Durand Mug, the best trophy you could wish for. They are still busy with scoring now, results should be out later tonight. Attila won the day, but a few people landed just a few kms short. Even Dave Seib wasnt sure if he quite made the 400m goal radius.

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