13 Oktober 2007

Canungra Classic 2007

This year we are 58 pilots at the Canungra Classic, some guys didnt turn up. I am missing Chris Jones from Sydney, also Ricky Duncan and Adam Parer from Newcastle are not here this year. Ha, neither is my suitcase! Im still walking around in borrowed clothes and borrowed equipment.
Before we went up to Tambo take off yesterday, Steve Moyes and quite a few assistants helped me to fix the new fittings for the new carbon speed bar on my Litespeed 3.5 s. Designed by Attila and Gerolf, it is a clever new improvement.
The task of 55 km sounds small, but the day started late and shuts down early, usually the seabreeze moves in and it gets pitch black at 6.30 pm already.
We flew with a decent height and very nice thermals, so it didnt take Jonny Durand long to fly the task. He won the last 6 (!) Canungra Classics and started with a win into this one as well. And always looks "as relaxed as a stoned lizard", how someone before put it. I came in 11th of the day, also a good start considering a bit of a jetlag and no gear handicap. A few Red Bulls and it all works ;)
The glider is great, it was easy to get on top of the gaggle and stay there, it flies straight and seems to have a good glide! Im so glad that Steve testflew it, because my first flight on it was the first comp day... I hope I can keep this one for the Bogong Cup as well! Its an all carbon frame, Ive never tried that before, but I like it a lot.
More photos later, now I need to get ready for the second day. The weather looks good, we might fly the whole week if we are lucky!

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