23 Oktober 2007

In Bronte with Moyes

After Canungra I flew down to Sydney with Steve and stayed at Bronte Beach with Molly and Bill Moyes. Their Sunday Dinner is always a great familiy and friends event, catering for up to 50 people I´d say! Now I know how to prepare a genuine coleslaw. Guess one more step closer to Aussie residency ;)
Today I went shopping with Carol and Oli because their car had been stolen yesterday, right down at the kiosk of Stanwell Park while they were at the beach for about 1 hour! Olis harness, flight instruments, wallet, cards and papers were in the car. Not what you need if you expect a baby within the next few weeks. Also they only just got a new car. Should you have a spare harness and you are in the Sydney/Newcastle/Bright area, please help Oli - my harness is too small for him, but at least he can use my vario and gps.Contact him through oliverbarthelmes@gmx.de
We had a southeasterly change today, Stanwell was on and the boys went testflying, but I didnt have my harness yet. The wind will stay, but it might start raining tomorrow. With that car theft I would probably only fly around trying to spot Olis car anyway...
A few more days over here, then Im off to New Zealand to visit friends. A real holiday for a change, sounds just like what I need after all these long flights around the world.

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